To the map "In Between Worlds" brings you to one of the biggest wounds this city still has to heal from. Starting in spring 1945 when the "Wehrmacht" blew up all the bridges along the Spree in a desperate attempt to defend Hitler's capital from the approaching russian troops, this city has more or less been ripped apart along here, since then - and still is up until today! Although some of the bridges were provisorily rebuilt after the war, the spree in this area soon became the natural death stripe of the "Berlin Wall" and was patrolled by guard-boats, to prevent refugees escaping to the west. So the provisorily rebuilt bridges were closed up again and buildings along the shore taken down, and it took the city until the late 90th (more than 50 years ) to rebuild and reuse former life lines and monuments like the Oberbaumbrücke. This tour is called in-between worlds, because since 1945 there have constantly been different worlds along these shorelines we gonna be driving along. And this slow reunification of worlds is what makes berlin to such an unique and interesting city we can experience today. Along this tour you will see remains and leftovers of several different worlds that have been created along these shores along the last 6 decades and enabled and influenced the status quo as we see it today. There was the world of german soldiers and citizens trying to protect their homeland from invasion - and the world of foreign soldiers freeing nazi germany from its curliest dictatorship. The world of an encircled city trying to survive on the one shore  -  and of imprisoned citizens of a socialist state, trying to make the best living on the other shore. Nowadays these shores still allow some alternative luck seekers to create their own little micro cosmoses in order to escape a fast tacted business world not everybody feels able to cope with -  while at the other hand profit oriented investors try to build luxury apartment blocks in which other people want to create and enjoy their own little luxury world in.

  • Meeting Point: Historischer Hafen
  • Duration: appr. 2 to 3 hours


To the map Berlins inner city tour offers a relaxed trip along stunning architecture, vibrant beachbars, war relicts and the leftovers of socialism. We will tell you what's worth to be seen from the inside, and it will give you a great impression and overview of Berlin as a whole. You are getting a "historical panoramashot" of Berlin's centuries, without having it interrrupted by city traffic and queuing. Please note that it can come to long waiting times at the lock on the weekends, since only one lock is in service these days. We recommend therefore to take this tour on week days.

  • Meeting Point: Historischer Hafen
  • Duration: appr. 4 hours


From the vibrating city of Berlin, through the industrial outskirts, to the idyllic natural lakes of Brandenburg. This tour is showing you two almost complementary faces of this city, reaching from grey ruins to intact natural reserves which welcome you to forget about busy everyday life. So it's a bit of culture and history that ends in a relaxing swimming afternoon.

  • Meeting Point: Kaisersteg
  • Duration: appr. 5 hours


Discover this city during its nicest hours. While the big hords of tourists are still lying in their hotelrooms and the vibrating clubs along the spree are still filled with the nights partycrowds. This will allow you to get a whole new perspective onto this extraordinary city. Uncrowded, pieceful, quiet and unique.

  • Meeting Point: Kaisersteg
  • Duration: appr. 2 hours